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Week 7: Selling My House

Last weekend I sold approximately 75% of my worldly belongings in 8 hours. I sat in my driveway and, with the help of my amazing friends and community, I watched it all saunter off into the future, spread across 100 families — little pieces of my life nesting in cupboards, closets, coffee tables and bookshelves in homes of folks I’ve never seen before and never will again. Just a yard sale to them. To me, an integral step towards a new and uncertain future. >> Read More

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Week 6, Entry 2: Grief and Whiskey

Death comes in threes, they say. And from 2005 to 2008, I’d have to say that proved true. One intense loss each year and a few peripheral-yet-impactive losses between. Over the years my house began moonlighting as a shrine, my garage shelves filled with boxes I couldn’t open yet, my closet with clothes I wore as remembrance. >> Read More

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Long Overdue Update – Selling, Umm…Everything

I have taken a break on giving up the little things since Week 5. However, in exchange for this little kindness to myself, I have been preparing to give up much larger things. These things are my house, 90% of its contents, my privacy, and ultimately my job, employer-paid health insurance, the lifestyle to which I’ve become accustomed and possibly my country, family and friends. >> Read More

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